Monday, December 6, 2010

Making new holiday traditions?

Well, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here next to the Aegean Sea. How can it possibly be December without a snow flake in sight or an obnoxious/fabulous scene of consumerism? Merry Christmas anyone?

How do you celebrate holidays in a country that doesn't celebrate the ones that are dear to your heart?

This will be my first Christmas away from my family in 31 years but it will be my first with my hubby, second with our baby girl and first together as a little family...

How can I bring Santa to Turkey? How can I get my husband who has never celebrated this before and has no idea the colossal scale of it stateside/ familyside into it?

Where is my father to go chop down the tree?

Well I'm starting out by decorating our cafe...

Since everywhere you look there is green popping up all around. The vibrancy of new green, new growth(filiz) is gorgeous. There are many of the green trimmings around the neighborhood that my mother would get from my auntie working at the greenhouse to decorate with; huge pepper berry trees, vines, different types of pines. So I will start there...I love gathering, scavenging...

There are lots of pines cones to work with too, fabulous ones of different shapes and sizes... and there is my best little helper, who needs rudolph:)

I've been singing her lots of Christmas carols as we gather.

I made some wreathes today with pictures to follow.

P.S. super annoying that again blogger host of private domains is banned in Turkey because they didn't like one then the rest get banned too??? So I can post my blog but can't look at it...uggg...get it together people! Any suggestions on moving my blog? etc?


Meghan said...

Bodhi and I have been working on holiday decorations and having a blast!! I will email you some of the things we did.. Im so bummed you cant see Blogger... What about Wordpress? Can you tumble your IP??

Maaag said...

yay, back to blogging! Miss you so!

rose deniz said...

I can relate to this so much! It'll be my third Christmas not going home, and last year was really tough. I kinda overdid it last year, too - Christmas dinner, homemade egg nog, real tree. None of it felt forced, and it was lovely, but I really burned out afterwards. This year will be more simple, and the kids are older, so it's exciting for them to count down the days. Wishing you a wonderful holiday.